Georges christelis
Giorgos Christelis. I was born in Skiathos, a small beautyfull Greece iland, but has now lived in Copenhagen, Denmark since 1975.
I have entertained the Danish and Swedish public by playing Greece music, in many well known Greek
resturants, and private parties. In Athen 1968 i startet to play popmusic with 3 friends, and from 1971 i startet to play Greek music.
I have writed more than 50 songs and in 2003 one of my songs "The tennis" become a big hit in Greece, wich gave me a 5 years Legend Records contract.
All songs, lyrics and music are written and composed by Giorgos Christelis.

Newest Songs:

1. If you like to play...
2. O Kapsouris
3. O palaviara...
4. Mia vradia's ena
5. Kai eipe o papas...
6. Imnos stin ethniki...

If you like to play tennis!
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